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Evansville Kia Eliminated the Back and Forth of Negotiating

Article Highlights:

  • 50% of Evansville Kia's customers say yes to the first pencil price.
  • Evansville Kia has increased gross profit and products sold in F&I.

The deal negotiation process is something dealership sales staff and customers know too well as a long and inefficient part of the sales cycle. How does your dealership currently manage the negotiation process? Are you still using messy handwritten sheets and running back and forth between the customer and the manager trying to agree on a deal? Not long ago, this was how the process worked at Evansville Kia in Evansville, Indiana. Below is an excerpt from David Cates, a managing partner for the dealership. His dealership implemented a more efficient negotiation process resulting in better experiences for its customers. He sat down with our team to share his story.

“I am a managing partner for Evansville Kia and have worked there 15 years. Before we used computers for proposals, we would hand write payment options for the customer. Because the proposal was less formal looking, customers were not as convinced to accept the first pencil. We wanted something that looked more official and improved customer satisfaction.

Our Reynolds rep brought us to Dayton, Ohio to visit their Innovation Center. The visit opened our eyes to the new ways we could improve our processes. We decided to get eNegotiator because it worked with Contact Management and Desking. We knew it would be a big undertaking, but the training and support were second to none.

Now with eNegotiator, we give customers an electronic proposal. It is more believable and attractive. Around 50% of customers say yes to the first pencil because we present the payment in a clear way. It has increased our gross profit as we are able to sell more F&I products.

eNegotiator has also improved the customer experience. The salesperson never leaves the csutomer’s side to go talk to ‘the man behind the curtain.’ The salesperson can engage the customer the whole time. Our CSI ratings are up, and our reviews are positive. Customers are praising our efficiency.

Our dealership loves eNegotiator and we would never go back to any other way.”

With a switch to better technology and digital processes, managing the negotiation process becomes very efficient. Not only does it make the process simpler and less stressful for your employees, but it becomes more enjoyable for customers. They aren’t waiting impatiently or becoming irritated with how numbers are being presented to them. By implementing eNegotiator into your sales process, your dealership can increase gross profit and customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in learning how to do this at your dealership, visit www.reyrey.com/cp/campaign-enegotiator or talk to your Reynolds account manager.

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Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds

Anne Ravensbeck is a Product Planning manager for Sales and F&I applications at Reynolds and Reynolds.

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